About Bessemer City and other things

Hello Everyone,
It is Tuesday and noon is about the fastest my brain will come on line. It is very strange how all around the Raleigh area there is or has been snow but here in Fuquay Varina it is a non event. For all my MAGMA friends in the mountains, you are lucky. Yes, I know snow gets slushy and eventually muddy but it makes the garden and rocks grow.

Starting on taxes and small business books really helps when the books are back from the Library. So I am waiting for the books to arrive. I worked more on my Etsy site and am just waiting for the books. I have collage packs made up and cabs ready to sell. Believe me the amount of Stash that I have is barely dented by making five collage packs.

In March there is a trip to Bessemer city that I am looking forward to. Hey, it’s outside of Charlotte NC and not a six hour drive into the mountains. Collecting is great fun but greater when you can do it in one day.

February brings Megladon to the NC Museum of Sciences in Raleigh. I really hope they bring me back for the exhibit. I am so bored during the day talking to my toes and playing Farmville is great entertainment.

Soon I will be ale to get to the cabochon machines and work on cabs. I can’t wait! There is something meditative and soothing to see a pattern and unseen form appear through the layers of a cabochon. Yesterday I saw the cabbing machine from hell! (thumbs up) on American Rock Hound and have machine envy. One day I will get my own. Hope springs eternal…

Well I’m off to go get kerosine, canned soup, and pick up eye glasses.
Hugs to everyone!

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