Spring in Winter

Now today is a spring like day! In the 60s and warm and sunny with a brisk wind. Last night the wind blew in a short storm and we could hear it blowing around the corners of the house. If this weather keeps up then I will have to go and weed my garden. This is a very warm winter and February better bring us back to winter weather and fast. For now relish the warmth and thin sunlight while it is here.

I now have four items on Etsy and hope in the four months I have that I will sell something. My beloved husband believes I should be selling thousands of dollars worth of cabochons and collage packs. I can’t thank him enough for believing in me. And then there is a Dear Friend that has spent hours on the phone and IMing trying to help me when the computer goes funny. Everyone needs some support structure and If you start your own business all by your own lonesome then hope to God you have a dog or cactus to talk to. I have checked my sight for miss spellings and to make sure the pictures look right. I made a light drum to show the transparency of the cabs and the best part is that you cant see how jury rigged it really is when you look at the picture.

I have a writers group every two weeks and I would like to say that you have never met a more talented group of people determined to get published. We read a new page or chapter every meeting and this forces us to write or to correct our stories . You have to keep righting and you have to keep working on a home business. Yesterday I created a sales ledger and put two more items up on the shop. Writers can have a hard time. Not only do you have to be good but to get published you have to rewrite your story and be told about your mistakes repeatedly. At least art is objective. (And yes I understand that Artists have it tough too. But today I am sympathizing with my fellow unpublished writers.)

I just went to my acupuncturist today and would like to sing the praises of TRADITIONALLY trained from China Acupuncturists: We love You!! For all of us in pain and with sleepless nights tired of swilling pain killers, you doctors are wonderful. And a thousand thanks to my beloved’s buddy that told him about acupuncture. And if you say “Oh no I’m scared of needles.” They aren’t really needles they are pins. Hey, I tend to get squeamy around needles and I fall asleep on the acupuncture table.

If you are down here in the South East, enjoy the warm weather for a while. Rocks and Sun to everyone.

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