Mars and bread

Today and tonight Mars our beloved red planet will be closest to the Earth.   Let us all gaze at the stars tonight and see Mars come over the horizon.  Just to gaze at the sky and know that we are alive among all the specks of dust and light in the cosmos.

My sister gave me THE Gourmet Magazine’s cook book and while I wont use the recipe for braised veal shoulder (not a vegetarian I just can’t afford veal shoulder a the local Food Lion) this a classic to go next to the Spice Cookbook by Day and Stuckey.   Besides the dessert recipes are mind blowing.  The coffee gelees and steamed puddings sound divine and soon I will have to try something.  Better to have the book than have to clip and save magazine pages.   I tried that and had to throw away the project in frustration.  Way to go sister!!  For someone who is almost my polar opposite you sure can rock the Christmas Tree.

Ever tried to rise bread and either the house is too drafty or the heat source is too hot and you accidentally cook the dough?  Well I have and this was a collosal waste of my flour and time!  Make a rising box!  My mother had a warm furnace room and this was perfect for her bread but I have no pilot light to encourage yeasty goodness to multiply.  The pink insulating board use din house construction is pretty light weight.   Cut five pieces into equal squares and cover one side with aluminum foil.   Use broad pieces of duct tape to create hinges and create an open box.  Spring sun or even direct winter sun should reflect enough light to rise a bowl of dough put in the middle.  You MUST have a plastic clear lid or glass to keep the warmth in the box and to let the sun light through.  In the summer you can skip the lid and use some inexpensive screen or no top at all. (Just cover the dough, no use kneading in gnats.)

For now my domestic streak needs to include folding laundry and dusting off books.
Be well.

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