The Wolf Moon and coming storms

Tonight is The Wolf Moon; the night when the moon is at its perigee, closest path, with the Earth and full as well. This is also the first full moon of the year (for the European calendar.) ( The Chinese New Year is in March this year.) The Wolf Moon takes its name from native American myth and belief of wolfs howling at the moon. Coyote certainly does.

All you shark tooth hunters out there in NC, the Museum of Natural Sciences is bringing in Megladon: Largest Shark That Ever Lived in February 13th.  Hopefully there will be a fossil festival of some sort connected to the exhibit.  There are so many rock and fossil hounds that would love to show off their collections and see more about the hobby.   Plus the chance to encourage young children is emence.

I ran across this quote while reworking my bookshelfs and want to share this as wisdom that still reverberates today:

Three people that are the hardest to talk to:

A king bent on conquest,

A Viking in his armor,

and a low-born man protecting his patronage.

As we all begin to ford up our homes and stay warm while unknown amounts of ice and snow come our way (Here In the South we have had more of a bad Spring than a real winter) don’t forget the birds and squirrels. Squirrels for a couple of years now have been stressed in their squirrel sort of way. Trees are not making as many cones nuts and berries as normal so when real winter weather comes then they can get very hungry. Stale nuts left over from Christmass, that half a pack of stale buns in the refrigerator, pop corn kernels at the bottom of the microwave bag, and even the cheap cat food that was snubbed for two days can all go out to feed the squirrels and birds.

The cows in the field at the other end of my neighborhood have been lowing like crazy since noon and now the birds are starting to hit the berry bushes and go to ground. Even my dog is pacing a lot. Last night it was storming in Texas and a cold front was dropping temperatures in Philly.   As of five O’clock there is heavy snow in Asheville and about an inch in Boone.  The positive side to this is that cold causes erosion and brings out gems, rocks, minerals, and fossils in the spring.

Stay warm and well:  If not warm then well and if not well then warm.

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