Cutting Rocks and Sullen Funks

I went to cut some yellow sard today and I would like to officially say that all rock is not created equal. There is rock and then there is really hard rock. Before anyone tries to reach through the ether and pat me on the head and explain Moh’s Scale of hardness to me, I flip the ethereal bird at you. I am perfectly aware of good ol’ Moh and his scale. There is after all a Grand Canyon of difference between corundum and diamond and only a backyard stream between quartz and feldspar. Some agates are harder than others and this stuff is very hard, reminiscent of Bloodstone. It could prove to be picture sard and I have my fingers crossed that it is. Right now I am trying smaller cabs that use a ten penny nail for a dop stick. The red slurry as it flys off the wheel makes me think of blood but its not gross like horror movies. I wonder if it is how potters feel when the clay is moving and sloshing across their fingers and hands.

The cabochon I finished is petrified wood and instead of being the classic polka dot look of the palm wood it is a patterned flow of grey and brown dots that look like a hazy oval picture of of the universe: Misty Cosmos.

I would love to share the weather and lots of pithy sayings with you all but for tonight it is just another cold rainy night. Life is a little dark right now and confidence is an iffy prospect. We all have these days and some of us weeks. The trick is to try your hardest not to let it become a continual string of weeks because then you are having “one of those months” and those absolutely suck.

My intention is not to depress you into a sullen funk so I leave you with the reminder that as the sun rises every day there is also the moon to bathe us in its soft glow during the night.
Be well.

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