Needle Art and February Moons

Welcome to the Candle Moon and the Horn Moon of February. The Romans set aside this month as a month of cleanliness and atonement; the word is februa “to cleanse.” And
Lent started yesterday with Ash Wednesday a day for contrition and reflection. We also entered the Year of The Tiger this past Sunday, the 14th, with the Chinese Calendar.

I am finally awake enough to sit and type up everything that has been going on. Shameful perhaps but while I am unemployed I get used to having my afternoon nap and now that I am working again I am a zombie once I get home. Yes, the exhibit is actually excellent, the children and parents are all enjoying it. We are all talking about trying to take trips to find fossils and the biggest challenge is picking a day we all have off.

The strange paw prints in the front of the yard are from a fox. We saw it last night as it crossed the side yard in the night time darkness lit by the street lamp on the corner. How wonderful to finally see who our night time visitors are.

Now I love my rocks and enjoy fossils and flip over cook books but one of the favorite other hobbies is needle work. Following a pattern is pretty difficult for me and not the fulfilling project my mother found it. Several years ago I made a heavily decorated Christmas stocking for my sweetie pie. Several of my friends said that my embellishment was excellent and the embroidery was prime “primitive American”. These friends are some of the most incredible needle workers I have ever met and are members of the Embroiderers Guild of America. My pride sky rocketed. Almost every time I go over for tea and girl talk, there is another beautiful sample of needle work on the coffee table: hand made lace, stump work, silk embroidery, crazy quilting, and other feats of needle work prowess. It amazes me that my Dear Friend can be hesitant or even shy about her work, yet we all can have bouts of nervous modesty with what we can do.

I am very proud to announce that this Dear Friend has finally made an instructional guide for beginning stumpwork. This guide is free and is the first installment in a series. Dear Friend is computer savvy and has given tons of ways to down-load the information and the patterns. If you want to try some fancy needle work that will impress the H*ll out of people and can be done in the evenings, got to her site (If you note the shimmy part of the address she also Belly Dances and as a student and peer of hers I can say that the lush hour glass figure is wonderful and lovely. Her dance troop absolutely blows people away with their whimsy and talent. It is the love of dance and physical expression that pours forth from every dancer and just adds to the visual beauty.)

I would like to sing the praises of faithful and loving spouses. My husband is frantically painting what must be hundreds of 28mm miniatures and still finds time to help maker dinner. He goes on fossil trips with me to PCS Phosphate in Aurora, NC even though he would rather watch paint peel. Many years ago he took me to dig crystals in SC for our Anniversary and cooled his heels for hours in a small town while I merrily dug. Now I have started to work again and the house is ankle deep in pet hair and this Saturday he will go to competition all day when I could use help with taming dust bunnies. I don’t care. Of all the loving times he has spent carrying my rock bucket I am more than willing to have My Warhammer General come home happy. Some events I go with him and support him quietly while he plays even though tactics games are not mu cup of tea. ( read paint pealing) Supporting the one you love is a way of showing love and strengthening a relationship: I like helping paint his miniatures and he uses some of my rocks for his displays.

The days are getting longer and soon the warmer winds will blow across our barren gardens and trees. Hold in our memories the frozen days and snowy nights so that the May heat will be tempered.

Be well

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