Rock Hound Videos and Vintage Science

This morning I pried my eyes open, promptly wanted to die and then heard my beloved’s voice, “Look, it’s snowing.” Those were some of the sweetest words this morning. Like magic the suburbs were being covered in a fine fat layer of snow flakes. Everything was silent, it looked absolutely beautiful. By the time I crawled out it had all melted away and the morning magic had faded. But oh to be up briefly with my love and experience one of those special moments.

Spring is so very close, I’m going to say that Spring is here and any snow or ice that may come belongs to the Spring and not the Winter. Most of March will probably be wet and clammy; that warmish cold moisture that comes from too much rain and not enough bright sun.

I put Misty Cosmos up on Etsy for sale and hope the cabochon will add to the cachet of my shop. I get lots of looks but no buyers and that is frustrating. I’m about to put another collage pack out for sale and hope that looks good with the others.

I came across a bunch of old vintage booklets and hope to be able to sell pages of them for scrap booking. These are scientific publications and while I will keep the ones that talk about the granite of Kansas and loam of Norfolk, 1902 publications on crop rotation are not incredibly relevant. I tell myself this because even the thought of cutting up books and pamphlets still makes me cringe. If it wasn’t for indoctrination from old Girl Scout collage projects I would hesitate with magazines too.

I strongly recommend going to You Tube and seeing This is a wonderful example of folks who decided to start picking up a camera and seeing what they could do with it. After years of this Rick and Sandy are the video recording life of MAGMA and WNCROCKS. I can not say enough about all of Ricks very hard work with WNCROCKS and MAGMA. Almost every single person in that first video are core members who make rock hounding a wonderful joy. We are a Southeast club but have members all across the US and this video not only helps to show off the geologic wonder that is Graves Mountain but also the type of fantastic people that are rock hounds.

I cary my dopping sticks with me on the off chance of hitting the grinding wheel while near the NC State Crafts Center. The problem is carrying them safely without resorting to a tackle box. While the stone is still being ground down I keep the dopped stick in an old eye glasses case. My other trimmed stone to be ground is kept in another case. Both cases fit in my purse and are great at keeping everything safe and tidy without lugging a tackle box around or risk breaking and scratching from getting banged around. Once the stone is complete you can also keep them wrapped in those cloths inside another eyeglasses case. Lets face it how many can a family of two wrack up over the years if you both wear glasses? The answer is a lot of those little cases laying around with old glasses inside that not even Mosses would recognize. Donate the 10 year old glasses to unfortunates that need eye glasses over style and use the cases for something other than collecting dust.

Well our wonderful heat god, the kerosine stove broke tonight, and with that subtle feel of snow for early March. My toes are cold and I have consumed more chocolate than dinner. (Feel free to read in “that time of the month”) I wanted to share more about the familiar magic of sewing and share a recipe or two but my continued good humor and bonhomie are fading fast.

Be well and stay warm until Spring brings together the cold song of Winter and the hot chorus of Summer

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