Mourning Wolverines with Predictions for Summer Weather

Misty Cosmos
Misty Cosmos

I completely forgot to bring up pictures of “Misty Cosmos” my latest cabochon. The grain on the petrified palm is so fine and patterned that it looks like a photo from the Hubble telescope. I wish some of my cabs would get sold. If I can see the artistic potential in them, others must be able to somehow.

Let us all go in to mourning: It was announced this morning that the last wild wolverine in Michigan was found dead by hikers. Perhaps there is something about Michigan that I don’t know about but why didn’t the state try to protect it’s wild breeding population better? This is the state animal for God’s sake! I wonder if the wolverine was sickly, old, or harmed by a hunter or other animal. Did the fierce little buddy know it was the last one?

We were driving back from DC Monday afternoon and I had a foresight of summer. Right now in NC the sky is an overcast and leaden look but it is almost lovely in layers and contours of grey. Now Spring is right on track with being wet and humid, more warmth will bring out the denser feeling and Spring growth. Summer will have the same laden skies but not the rain. A heavy sky like a lid but dry, with a wind or breeze licking across the ground. There will be drought. When the sky clears there will be wind. When there is rain there should be a storm, lightening. I also saw sweeping rain early on like a summer gully washer. Sorry but the fall is still a mystery and hurricanes don’t speak until there is a wind to whisper to me. Perhaps that is poetic but it is as though the wind whispers pictures and ideas.

The price on suet is going down now that there is Spring and I am pleased to be able to continue to feed the birds something besides cheap seed. The squirrels get old nuts and bread crusts and withered grapes (boy do those little buddies go for the grapes). I can hear the squirrels running across the roof like little bouncy cannon balls and although I don’t care to be woken up by them I am glad to have them back.

Please Dear Readers, watch what moves about and celebrate as Winter protects itself in order to bear through Summer.

Be well.

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