Cold Fronts for Spring and Blessed Rain Over Rocks

Thursday night the cold front moved in like a stampeding herd, at first there is very little and you wonder if it will arrive at all and then all of a sudden the rain begins to pound onto the roof. For a few minutes my dearest one thought there may be a tornado but the long hollow rumbling was distant thunder. How glorious it was to feel the first drops of rain across my face.

The Gem Show over the weekend went well. It is always good to see the familiar faces of our trusted vendors every year. Even though the work is very stressful it is somehow rewarding to be Food Chairman. Love is hot coffee and a danish. So many of the children who show up seem to glow when we share our love of rocks and minerals. Several of my friends who love fossils showed up and had high praise for several of the vendors who sell fossils.

My other elderly kitten-cat died. Calvin passed away in my husband’s arms on Sunday. He had suffered a stroke that morning and while I was doing my rock show my beloved was cleaning up after a cat that had lost control of his back half. We lost two pillows off of the couch. We buried his little body beside his sister in the back yard. Left overs at the counter store have provided the “marble” to mark the little grave sites. We are still in a mild shock from the death even if we were waiting for it to happen.

My work on Etsy and anything else has been put on hold while I try to get my health and enthusiasm back. Plus since Wednesday I have done not much else than think about food for 75 people. I am thinking cabochon and art again so I hope my sleep will eventually catch up. It is very hard for me to work on a side business that makes no money, take care of my house, go to work, and try to worry about my piddly health. Perhaps I am making too many excuses and I really am just trying to sell items no one wants or I am the worlds worst sales chick.

Soon there will be more rocks coming into my life and fossils appearing and that is the silver lining to my rain clouds. My plants are growing, this burst of cool weather spurring on the lettuce and encouraging the squash to come out. Please be well while the winds blow the clouds and Spring holds on to its cool grip.

Be Well

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