Hurricane Season, Agate Collecting and Bannerman Castle Briefly

Any body want some rain? How about just a cloud or two? For almost three weeks now we have been having rain and its accompanying storms. These Summer storms are the quick grumbling type that swoop down on an area, delivering buckets of rain and overcast skies then leaving as quickly. Set out your cisterns and rain barrels because I still feel that they will be needed as Summer comes on.

I was not able to got to Rising Fawn Georgia to collect coal fossils and wasn’t able to make it to the Aurora Fossil Festival either. My life is almost rock less right now and that is a terrible thing to have to bear. I did go to collect some Savannah river agate but only picked up a few buckets. (Four to be exact and for that place four buckets is a drop in very deep hole.) Happily my Dearest Beloved decided to humor me and we went to a place in Durham that is close by. I was honestly expecting to got and poke around a lot of mud, tell my sweety thank you anyways, and then go home. The collecting site had been planned as the back half of a small starter home community and I feel pretty certain that most local rock hounds have given it up as developed and paved over.   Luckily for me the back half was finished besides putting in sewer lines. Within a year the planned roads, marked lots, and drainage burms have become lone eroded paths with tall grass and intermittent weeds. Unwanted construction supplies are in a pile near a token gate but the back half has been abandoned to the deer and occasional fox or coyote. Agatised wood and petrified wood was popping up all over the old paths and lot edges. I of course had a trusty plastic bucket in the car trunk. Rock hound magic occurred. No I didn’t find a petrified tree stump or a small boulder for my front garden but the stones showed up everywhere and the end of a rather bland Memorial Day turned into a loving and fruitful collecting with my sweety.

Most of the agate from Durham is this rather odd mustard and liver color that while lovely and filled with swirls and pips of other brown and murky yellow colors is not really prized by local collectors. While not all of us can find petrified stumps (yes I am still enviously ticked off) I did find some pieces that were semi translucent black and semi opaque red. This material is so mottled and dense with color that turning these into cabs will be an adventure and create one of a kind jewelry from a very small and limited area. (The brown stuff will even be lovely. For aren’t all rocks lovely? Their curves, their colors, the depth and intensity of their lines and shapes?)

Hurricane Season starts today. Normally I shrug my shoulders and go on with my day, hurricane shmuricane but not this time. Several days ago I just had that “feeling” that the weather for hurricanes would not be good this year. They are calling for 13 to 23 storms this year. (I’ll admit that right now our biggest concern is any high winds. The soil in NC is so saturated that trees and river banks could go with little effort on Mother Nature’s part.) What will truly wory me is storm fronts or “movement” coming from the ocean. I do not know when the storms will come or if they will dissipate before making it to the Piedmont but I think they will make it to our coast.

The saddest news right now beyond the dispare created from just being human is the continued oil spill. There was seismic activity before the rupture and activity after that led to darker and muckier goo coming out: What in the world makes them think they can fight seismic pressure with a top fill attempt? My heart goes out to the old, proud, and sinking city of New Orleans. Such a lovely brew of joy and tears being choked by oil and foolishness. Levied and walled as she may be we can only pray that the power of the great Muddy Mother the Mighty Mississippi will prevale.

The whole wetlands along the coast is a vital part of the natural world and now with the petrol floating in not only will the coast suffer but the effects of this will move inland. As the destroyed wetlands are unable to do their job the soil and land quality inland will start to suffer. Of course a hurricane could be very not good but the long term effects are very worrisome. I imagine lots of fish, turtles, and shore birds getting little wings and halos and of course they follow behind the men who died in the initial explosion.

I found a wickedly fun web site on face book: The Gothic Tea Society. It’s a site for Goths and people who are buffs of the culturally bizarre and unusual. They actually mentioned the old Bannerman Castle that sits on an island in the Hudson River. This is a very strange place and the actual creation of the castle and its creator are even stranger. Some how I just know that Miskatonic University takes their field trips their.

With all this rain the cactus in my yard are flowering! Huge palm sized yellow flowers that are so lovely and unexpected in my sandy patch of gravel. I can’t wait for more plants to grow and sprout flowers. Now if we can only keep the teenagers who live behind us from walking over the flower beds and our yard in general. Perhaps they will walk into a cactus, I would have little pity for them as the cactus and succulents are not exactly hidden.

The sun is finally starting to lower itself in to the horizon, it will be dark in a few more hours. The air is quiet and still, heavy with the rains we just had. Even the squirrels are quiet, waiting for the world to dry out and the birds to sing again. The dying light is a creamy, pale. yellow against the lush green leaves and tired blue sky.

Be safe and be well tonight.
Sleep tight.

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