Sewing Projects Plus Glow and Bootes Meteors

Hello, to the one other person who reads this,

I know you’re out there and am glad that my rambling and moody sayings have not sent you running.

The new exhibit is ready to go here in the Triangle at The Raleigh Museum of Natural sciences.  It is Glow: Living Lights.  It talks about the animals that are bioluminescent like fish of the deep dark seas and terrestrial critters that fly in the night sky and crawl in the dark.  So cool and the exhibit is well done.  Frankly, half of what I look for now is how easy was the exhibit to install and how easy is it to clean.

My boss is honestly one of the best people to work for and has put together an educational class room with next to no money.  There is almost a feeling of community as we all search our homes and attics for items that will work in the exhibit.  Attention all people who think the class room belongs to you because you pay taxes:  Most of these items are personally donated by staff or purchased with private money.  No you may not put that toy in your pocket or let your child chew on that book. (Thank you, I had to get that out of my system ’cause yes this does happen.)

For all of you seamstresses, crafters, doll makers, medievalists, embroiderers, and sewing enthusiasts I want to tell you about a FANTASTIC company I ran across by accident, proving serendipity does occur.

These folks offer an incredibly creative and well made product.  They are lively and fun at their web site and their e-mails are actually very informative.  I have ended up archiving a lot of the e-mails for future reference. This is one of those home grown companies that cares about their suppliers and makes an effort to be accessible to the common public.

In fact… drum roll:Brrrrr rrr pa,pa pum!  Lets get a projct finished!  Yes, indeedy with Summer about to hit and hit hard for all of us, while we shelter inside with the AC lets get a project finished.  I know they are out there; tucked away in bags and boxes half finished and kinda sad looking waiting to become a necklace, a quilt, a dress, or finished sampler.  My challenge to you is to clean out just one corner of the crafts room (one corner is enough for days in my experiance) and pick a reasonable project to finish.  Yes we all dream of that lovely silk on silk embroidery or another crazy quilt to name and frame but that scarf needs to get done or the doll dress embellished before little Suzy turns fifteen.

And now I’m back down to one.  Cut worms will eat Moonglow Brughmansia and I hope the little bastards choked on every leaf.  I had a well meaning and dear friend suggest waiting at night with a flash light and wating for the bug to crawl up the stem so they can be pulled off.  Yay.  I would like to suggets two other avenues that work and don’t require garden sitting at two in the morning.  A twist tie around the emerging stalk will deter the little worms untill they either change or the plant gets too big; just make sure the twisty tie is down low enough to the soil and is loosened over time or the stem gets choked.  I also recommend Dipell when desperation sets in.

June skies not only bring down the faithful Orion but show up the Dippers, Arcturus, and the Bootes meteor showers.  June 23rd the Bootes meteor showers will be at there best in the Northwest sky.  That means after the sun has set by about an hour the meteors will show up just about above the handle of the Big Dipper.  Arcturus is just to the left of the handle and forms the bottom of The Herdsman Bootes.  Please enjoy some of life’s small pleasures and try to see this phenomena.


Be assured of a new season to come and

Be Well.

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