Summer Arives: Die Thumper Die!

Honestly, I like bunnies. They are cute, cuddly, nibbling pellet poopers. They also cover a very important ecological niche and are a fabulous earth-symbol of Summer and Spring fertility.

Several years ago my hand was forced and I had to go and get live traps for the feral cat population in my neighborhood: Seven cats in five weeks. Well… now I know what was keeping the rabbits back. Friday I go to bed with green beans growing up my mesh trellis, beets poking up against all odds, and the last of the spring lettuce still green and perky. Saturday I stepped out to pull up weeds and, except for the squash, EVERYTHING was nibbled to the base stalk. Everything. Poof, gone. I had no idea one rabbit could eat so much in one night.

I admit to being a suburban girl so I even took out a book of animal tracks and checked: Yep, rabbit. Plus the collie dog, our fuzzy princess, has been sniffing around the back yard a whole lot more than normal. She probably wants to play with the bunny and thinks it is a strange smelling cat-buddy; she too is a suburban girl.

The book I used is called Tracks and Trailcraft by Ellsworth Jaeger. It claims to be an expert guide for the forest, field, barnyard, and back yard. The best part is it even has track and trail signs for jaguar, moose, and gorilla. I will definitely let you know when I find gorilla tracks in my chunk of suburbia.

The best part of this book though is that it cost almost nothing as we got it at a book sale from our local county library. I absolutely love finding strange and different books at these sales even though the last day is an absolute crush and often over shadowed by used book vendors telling their kids “it doesn’t matter. Just start putting everything in the box.” Those people that I love are usually hanging out in the true crime and mystery section. A bevy of chatty woman going up and down the isles, offering advise on books and authors and acting as though we were all long lost best friends. Plus the volunteers are always the friendliest of folks. My hats off to all of you die hard book lovers who stand for three hours with me and never fail to be friendly and polite: Thanks and see you again this fall.

The Summer Solstice came on Monday so summer is officially here. Now is time to do my Summer-Rock-Dance and hope that a random road cut showers crystals on me when I stop to look. Nothing is more strange than pulling over to the side of the road, getting out of the car while avoiding traffic, and walking through construction dirt with my skirt hem in my hands because I was on the way to the grocery store. So far I can promise you my local area has lots and lots of sand and really cute field stones.

Most of my fellow rock hounds look funny at me but I have found something nifty. Near my home I have discovered quartz rock that is formed with Iron concretions. Heavy and kinda ugly even for a rock, these are still really cool. What a testament to the early formation of our area. Plus right besides the iron-ish quartz (no I do not mean iron stained ) are stones that are very easily cracked open, rather eroded and crumbly. They are composed mostly of small black needle like mineral pieces. Not rutile or schorl which is a pity, it is mineralized Cypress mulch from a very prehistoric forest and swampy area. Gotta love it when you can knock on someones door at work and in five minutes have an ancient piece of history identified.

For know I must leave you my Faithful Reader for I go to look up plants for next year’s garden. I have decided to take Mother Natures hint and go for flowers and herbs next year.

Be Well.

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