For The Love Of AC and General Musings

Greetings, to my one, possibly three readers. You are all possessing of unique brilliance and sophistication or you have nothing better to do than read what I have to say; lets just go for the former.

I am looking foreword to the coming of Fall as Nature recovers from the death and heat of Summer and begins to relax and spread out its roots. At least that is for my side of the hemisphere. Australia should be heading into Spring soon if I have been told correctly. Were I to become unbearably wealthy and fly around the world could I keep myself in constant Fall and Winter? Well, that and gargoyles on my downspouts will have to wait, although my neighborhood could benefit from gargoyles on the downspouts.

I have had requests for pictures of the rocks I find and am terribly flattered! I promise I have not forgotten you. I just need some time to take pictures of them where they do not look like grey lumps.

Our AC did no even survive the day that I last posted but ended up dying that night: Dying a “They do not make those 27 year old parts any more” death. For several days after that we were camped out in the bedroom around a lone window unit like refuges around a Red Cross tent. Our black fuzz ball of a dog has been stationed under it as she looks worse in 97 degree heat than my husband and I do. Luckily last week we had 80 degree heat with lower humidity and we opened up the windows and cranked up every fan we could lay our hands on.   Alas it is back to high humidity and 100 degree heat and we are draping ourselves over the three window units we no use. I liberally doused the two loaners in Lysol and can now breath in my own home plus my Beloved says the main room no longer smells like old socks.

I recently got FBed by my folks’ exchange student from Russia. He lives in Cheboksary but travels to Moscow frequently and it is as hot as the news says it is. It is hard to imagine but try to think of weather so hot and dry that spontaneous peat bog fires start up. Moscow was originally built on wet, boggy, ground and it is almost surreal to see pictures of the Kremlin and St Basils enshrouded by smoke. On a positive note our exchange student now has two boys aged 8 and 3 and he and his beautiful wife are very happy. The good things in life could not happen to a better person.

I ran across a great and wondrous web site the other day when searching for info on bioluminescence. I highly recommend it for one of those rainy days where you want to dance through the rain drops or a late night when you can hear a train running in the distance and lightening flashes in the far away begging you to flee all adult responsibility. For all of us intellectual arm chair travelers and midnight-history revelers I bring to you D and M of
These two are people to befriend if Cthulhu rises from the depths of R’lyeh or the swollen rivers of history begin to twist and disgorge themselves up on our shore.

I am planning food for an up coming baby shower in which we plan on bombarding a dear friend with food and presents till she is buried. My boss who is a real honest to God human being helped pick the perfect day for it all this fall and all we have to do is plan now. Curses and thrashings to the creators of Cooking Light magazine: Your delicious recipes are perfect for pregnant woman and all of us who are wonderfully Rubenesque so I am positively drooling by lunch time as I pour over your recipes during the morning shift.

My project for the summer was a beaded choker and even with the best of intentions I am bogged down with small problems the directions did not mention. Luckily I have tons of blue Moon beads and patience. My getting stuck does not release any of us from the Summer project vow, it just allows us to carry it into the Fall. Thank goodness for getting bogged down because this project I picked is not for a novice pattern maker and will not be done by the end of Summer. Oh well, at least I can take it to work instead of relying on staying awake late into the night.

I must bid Good Night to All and wish for you mellow sun and cool breezes,
Be Well

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