Yea For AC and Book Sale Desires

Greetings Readers, Celebration is in the air like far away music drifting through a hot southern night carried on the edge of an air conditioning unit. The magic workers came three days ago and installed a brand new unit in the house. Our old heat pump was too small for the size of the house and suddenly it is unnerving to hear something like a small jet roar whenever the AC kicks on. While it is amazing to have a house at 78 degrees instead of 88, the bug parts and strange dirt pieces kicked up out of the vents is rather unwholesome. I sound rather ungrateful I fear, no I truly am thankful that we have cooling in the house and come winter the warm air will do more than seep from the air registers.

I was looking on line today for information about my local county book sale. It is almost impossible to easily find county or city book sales on line; between counties and cities and the friends of the counties and cities there is a morass of links and Google searches. I am positively addicted to books and the wonders of the hunt. If we were back in the stone ages I would be the gatherer wandering of exploring cliff faces or strange ocean caves to bring back rare clay pigments and bizarre stones. I love the hunt and finding of what I think are treasures from forgotten piles and unwanted boxes. When it is a book I get even more excited. At my favorite thrift store I found this cook book that is also a small mystic feel-good story called The Secrets of Pistoulet. At a county book sale I found a first edition copy of The Silmarillion and a first edition of Trader Vic’s Pacific Island Cookbook. Yes, three very different books but all equally nifty. Even if a book is not a first edition it can be an unusual treasure. To help me in my quest for cheap and different literary experiences I found I want to share this because it seriously cuts down on a lot of the Google morass in finding library book sales.

Hurricane Earl is spinning his way to the coast of NC and with any luck the cool weather will be pulled in behind him. So far NOAA is calling for a glancing kiss off of the coast and that is all. Sure I would love to have a great storm and the subsequent shell and bone washed up on shore but the destruction to homes and roads is something else all together. I will be content with the deep ocean being stirred up and deposited on the sand. It is embarrassing but so far my predictions for hurricanes has been pretty flat. I saw several storms
and we have had those storms with severe down drafts and rocking thunder but they have not come from hurricanes. My dearest Beloved tells me to be patient because hurricane season is not over. So I will have to be patient.

For now I wish you a good Night or Morning as it may be,
Be Well

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