Autumnal Greetings

Hello Gentle Readers,

I had a new post for a new Season typed and ready to go with brilliant words and astounding insight.  Then I clicked on publish and the computer laughed at me and dispersed my brilliance to the digital nether world.  Obviously God didn’t think I was so startlingly witty and wise.

So once again I greet you with “Happy Fall Gentle Reader”.  This Fall season will prove to be very dry this year.  Past Seasons have been spent listening to rain pitter pattering over yellow and orange leafs as puddles form on grey sidewalks.  This Fall will have sparse warm winds gently rustling through dried brown leafs on the ground.  For some reason the trees look grey and black in my mind’s eye. The Winter is a toss-up of unknowns but I think that frost will come from sheer, dry,  cold and any Winter blankets will be ice in December.

Our neighbor broke out his chain saw and managed to get one fourth of one tree cut up.  So if there is any severe cold snap we will be set assuming the rest of the fallen trees get cut.  My Darling went to help and taking into acount the massive amount of bug bites and sore muscles that he had, our neighbor may take his sweet time finnishing as he is pleasntly daddy-like in his physique.

My rock hound friends in MAGMA should be digging in Marion, Kentucky for Fluorite this weekend and I wish them all great success and the motherload of crystals for my dearest friends.  The host for part of this trip is the Ben E Clement Museum.  If anyone is ever on that side of the Appalachians and wants to see an increadible display of native stones go to this Museum and enjoy some time with the knowledgeable and devoted staff.

I hope everyone enjoyed the Harvest Moon or Dying Grass Moon last night.  The darkness was so soft and subtle with a clear and crisp star light flooding the ground.  One can nearly hear the trees bending and shifting in the warm fall night as they begin to reach into the soil with their roots.  Listen carefully for the bark moving across the branches and for a sighing song in the air as the shadows lengthen against the light.

There is so much to do in the Fall:  Bake sales sprout up beside church barbecues with rummage sales appearing on the weekends.  Apple festivals and fairs celebrating local produce are arriving and huanted everything  comes around the corner.  There is mulching with garden care to do and a house to clean.  Soups and stews go on the burner and bread recipes are rolled out to begin rising in warm corners of the kitchen.

My hat is off to parents right now.  There is an infant in the house and I am woefully sleep deprived at this point.  Make no mistake, Baby Girl is as cute as a button and smart and all toddley but I am not used to babies.  Wanting one with all my heart did not prepare me for having to help care for one.  Babie’s Mother is actually very good and here for a great new job oportunity so my resposibility is rather light but I stand in my living room in a daze wondering why there is a fine grit of cheerios across the floor. The dog is the only one who is having no problems adjusting.  After she realized that the human-puppy was staying the Fluffy Princess now parks herself beside the high chair and helps herself to the above mentioned cheerios as they rain down like crunchy mana from heaven.

I am slowly recovering from a very bad bought with Fibromyalgia and hope to be more active in collecting rocks and having my adventures along the friendly byways of books and sewing.  I hope to be more allert for alusive Web Sites of the Wondrous and regail you with discovered nuances of the weather.

Untill the next leaf falls to the ground,

Be Well

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