In like a Lion… Out Like a Pride

Hello, Dear Readers out there.

I assure every one that the tornadoes did not sweep me away. The storms that swept the South and put a tree through the house of a Dear Friend of mine managed to bring down a twig in my yard. Yep, that was it, a twig, oh, and we lost power for three hours. The March Lion started out as tentative grey showers and as April moved in the Lion turned into a very hungry Pride. We are still waiting for the Lamb.

I commend everyone, especially my Lovely Red Headed Girl-friend, who have donated time and goods to the tornado victims across the Plains and the South here. And I give a true compassionate thank you to Fire, Police, Rescue, the Red Cross, and the Salvation Army for being the first on scene and still there now.

Right now the frogs are croaking for all they are worth, a vibrant chorus in the dark. This makes the weeds and brambles and discarded branches of the way-back an ecosystem instead of weeds, brambles, and discarded branches. We have even seen several Mr Hoppy Toads in our front garden beds there has been so much rain. They could be Lady Toads quite frankly but I am not picking them up to check.

I am very happy to say that the God Baby’s pumpkin from last Fall has seeded in the garden. Scattered pumpkin seeds have sprouted like a little green hat of leafs over the dessicated pumpkin shell.

I would also like to officially say that chervil and lovage are difficult to grow from scattered seed. If I can get one plant from a whole packet of seeds I will be ecstatic. Now the fennel is popping up with the dill but everything else is pretty much laughing at me.

Thumbing our noses at convention we were radical and alternative and had an egg hunt on Mother’s Day. (The invited children had been sick on Easter but I prefer the radical image myself.) The day was perfect and lovely. My Greatly Beloved and I had fun trying to find unique places to hide the eggs. There were even tea cakes made from altered cake mix that went over swimmingly I must say. The two girls even ate them when they found out the “squishy things” were raisins.

My kitchen was 3/4 covered in crystal rocks from a recent trip to Diamond Hill but it all got scrubbed and put away in time for the cups of egg dye to be set up. There were several instances of pale lavender druzy and wonderfully weird specimens of crystal growth. There are small chunks the size of two or three thumbs that had quartz covered by a blanket of black manganese oxide then clear crystals grew over the Mg. I also have a similar sample now in iron oxide rust brown. They may be small but so amazing in the chance creation and beauty.

Everybody has favorite sites they go to for information and answers or just to read and relax. I would like to commend this blog and web site to you folks. The Lady who started this started with the SCA, who are by and far just good people, and then morphed this into a a real bonafide web site and blog. This takes dedication, talent and lots of guts and fortitude.

My thanks to you Lady for giving us another quality research tool and a friendly voice to read over the internet.

To all, may you feel the Spring wash through you like a pulse of sunlight carried on the whispering breeze.
Be Well

One thought on “In like a Lion… Out Like a Pride

  1. FraterNS

    Yes, the tea cakes were sinfully good. 🙂

    Everyone had a great time, you guys went to a lot of effort for the kids and it is very appreciated.

    It was also very good to see everyone, we need to try and do stuff like this and the ad-hoc picnic more often.

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