Apartment’ Plants and Desert Desires

Hello World and any intrepid internet explorer who manages to stumble across this blog in the wilds of the world wide web,

Blogging is far harder than I ever thought and more of a personal experience than expected. I loved sharing stories about the squirrels around the house and the owls nesting somewhere in the neighborhood and then we moved.  Although Darling Husband and I are far happier than we were at the house, ‘poof’ goes my garden and squirrels and bird feeder.  I still feel as though I have somehow betrayed the animals in the old neighborhood.  I did take as many of the yard’s plants as I could with me and most of them are currently overgrowing the library sewing room in a hodge-podge of planters and pots. What was supposed to be a book retreat has turned into a miniature arboretum with vines and leafs slowly moving over every surface.

The apartment complex has a few nesting merlins nearby and at night we can hear the ‘Kee, kee, ke, ke, ke” as they swoop across the parking lot to the sump ponds and neighborhoods behind us.  Be they weedy brown sump ponds or not there are thriving colonies of frogs that have croaked and ‘gerped’ their way through the summer.  Now they are going quiet as winter sets in early for NC.  And yet the other day i saw an egret in one of the ponds just standing there with the mud and mushrooms as though it was always coming to visit.  The mountains here have already had several feet of snow thanks to the super storm Sandy and the Piedmont has been waiting in wonder for our snow.  During Sandy I could smell the snow on the morning breeze and see the grey clouds rippling across the sky but they never became heavy enough to drop on us.

Fear not any of you Intrepid Readers who have liked my blogs for the web and shopping sites, I have plenty of thumbs-ups to give around.  There is a site that sells very nice and well priced artisan made jewelry called Trader Lou’s at traderlou.com .   He sells larimar in good blue color that is hard to find in the states and often runs sales and contests.  It is a right nifty web site and so far has seemed to be on the up-and -up.

A part of my life has now been spent on Face Book.  I will not sit here and deride it and say it is horrible when I talk to friends every day and share pictures and dreams with them.  FB is like a pen-pall service that supports pictures and music clips from U-Tube.  For a year now I have been writing with a friend from Morocco.  I count myself so lucky that we met through collecting rocks.  While all rocks are a wondrous the rocks and fossils from Morocco are particularly lush.  My friend lives in the city of Rissani.  Far from the blue and ancient ocean, Rissani sits nestled next to the ever changing desert like an old yet proud sentry to the inside of the country.  This is the land of the Berber and I can just imagine the sounds and people around me as the sun sets.  Not only is Rissani an ancient capital of the region it is an area of oasis spas and cyber cafes.  With every picture Hami sends me my bucket list grows.  Here are some pictures to help where my words may fail me.

Oasis paradise with Berber tents.
Even unwashed it is amazing!
Moroccan amethyst, this is considered normal!
Berber woman with book
My good friend Hami.
Desert tea

As I look over just a few of the pictures I have posted for you it is still amazing to be a part of a desert country while a cold winter begins to set in here in America.  The nights are getting so chill and frost is starting to nip at the windows and blades of grass.  There are still coyotes that roam around the neighborhoods, choosing between small animals and trash cans for a delectable dinner.  Tonight the moon has a golden cast in her wake and the stars are hiding and flirting with the clouds.

Be Well Dear Readers

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