Indian Summer and Pushing Amethyst

Greetings Gentle Readers,
Today is December 4th and despite my strongest desires the weather has mellowed back out. My balcony door is open with a warm damp breeze wafting through the house right now. I can hear the sounds of over wintering birds chirping at the edge of the scrub woods, that mixes with distant car engines and a low flying air plane. The other day the roofs of the apartment buildings were covered by sea gulls, meaning there is weather coming in off of the coast soon.  Today the clouds look like ripples of grey corduroy and we would have snow if the temperature would drop by 34 degrees. Our Indian Summer continues at it’s own soft, languid pace.

For those who are still trying to decide on presents and those that are already into the next year, allow me if you would, to boast of a web site.  I know the people who run this and not only are they artists and lovers of the natural world they are plain old good people with whit and spunk:    And for a more personal part of their shop:   Vintage ’till you can drop, in jewelry and collectables.  They also operate on E-bay with selling more minerals and rocks.

Also if folks are preparing for the BIG show of all shows in Tuscon, Arizona I recommend you contact my friend Hami who can supply you with enough good amethyst for several shows at Tuscon:  and also at    And if fossils are your thing then Hami can also supply you with more ammonites or carved pieces than you can throw a stick at.

(Sure, I am blatantly pimping for my friends but some one has to do it.)

Once again I am for ever thankful for a job I like and can tolerate with relative ease.  Any of my friends from High School can attest to a Science Museum being the last place I ever thought I would work, let alone become a scientist which is what a gemologist is.  Yet here I am at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences working with the Titanic Exhibit.  At the end of this year our Director steps down so she can guide from a retired frame of mind and most probably fly fish to her hearts content.  Even though I am a very low fish on a mighty big totem pole (well the analogy almost works) she still remembers where in the building I work.  For better or for worse, as all great leaders make unpopular decisions at times,”All Hail Betsy Benet.”  Yep, how cool is that, the woman that took on the good ol’ boys network goes by Betsy too.

Even though the 21st is fast approaching, the Seasons shifting as dim light grows to become the Summer sun, I just can’t seem to get into the Yule spirit.  I even bought lights to put around the Face on our balcony, yet every thing seems stuck in a grey funk.  This is not the grey of steely clouds, fluffy kittens, or smooth flint; no this is the sludgy grey that kinda forms in old gutters or far too often in my garbage disposal.  The saving grace is the friends and family I have.  So many of my friends are artistic, emotive, flamboyant, naturalistic, and loving people I can’t imagine getting by with out them.  My sister is also still the sweetest, kindest, most precious person to ever exist even if we do irritate the living day lights out of each other from time to time.  Perhaps one more week of our Indian Summer and I will be able to connect with the wind and trees and roots and leafs of the Winter Season.

For now, as geese glide home and crows form black murders in bare branches,

Be Well

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