Chicago Spring and Web Shopping

Hello Great World out there and all the Gentle Readers,
It never fails to amaze me how easy it is to lock ones’ self away in a prison of doubt and fear and then smother it all with regrets. I apparently have a great talent at this and so I did this with my blog. So why am I even trying to return?  Well, Gentle Readers, if I give in to the voices of fear then those voices have won and my voices of fear are apparently rather nasty little trolls and gremlins of the spirit and mind.

Firstly, I write to you from North Chicago instead of the rural apartment paradise of the South.  My move up here was an event in and of itself; my dearest beloved’s valiant drive in a U-haul van through line storms and tornadoes could have filled a blog post all by itself.  The Winter here alone is another post. But let me dwell on Spring for you.  When the sun comes out the small tufts of green peak out from the grey ground teasing the eyes and the heart for at night comes the Spring snow dustings and the mornings are filled with whip cold breezes and temperatures barely above 30 degrees. Right now my feet are pleasantly toasting by the gas fireplace while the geriatric collie dog sleeps under the bed. With the thaw comes the little song birds that hid in the eves and southern climes over Winter, the seagulls reappear from gullies by the lake shore, and clusters of starlings whirl and swerve through the sky.  Across the street from me is one of the famous elevated trains of Chicagoland and great potholed arteries have cars whipping down them only a block away yet over the snowy Winter I saw unmistakable dear tracks across the sidewalk and bunny rabbits now compete for food with the squirrels.

I love a good yard sale, estate auction, and thrift store find.  There is no reason to hide the fact and today I want to share my recent finds with you by genteelly bragging:  I found my china pattern by Franciscan China.  What would have cost me over thirty dollars a cup I bought three saucers and two coffee cups for just two dollars.  I commenced to do the Happy Dance all the way to the brown line train station.  The books section is packed doubles down the shelf and the clothing is top notch.  So if you want a great little excursion of discovery in Northern Chicago then I recommend the Mount Sinai Hospital Resale Shop.  There is something so primal and exciting about the good find at an incredible price.  I challenge some scientist to study if this could relate to our early hunter gatherer instincts for food and provision?  If this is true then I smirk at myself that my ancient ancestress must have been one heck of a root finder and berry picker.

For some reason it is easy to show prowess at gathering goods but hard to show prowess of other kinds but I must, so now I will.  Gentle Readers, it is with a nervous yet happy gleam that I tell you my web site is live and up for the world to shop at.  I sell crystals and jewelry and stone by the ton.  One of the greatest delights was to have friends that do not lie tell me that the site is lovely and easy to navigate.  I tried.  I really did.

Folks ask for pictures of my rocks so here are some of the new onyx that I have to sell and the makers of onyx and fossil gifts from Morocco.


This is a peak for you and me into the beautiful world of the city of Rissani and the entrance to any great adventure into the deserts of Morocco.   If you are interested in onyx or fossil dishes just message me and we can figure things out.  It isn’t hard to do it just takes time to ship such romantic stones across an ocean.

With these thoughts and pictures and shopping offerings I will leave you so you have time to go to my web site or bundle your scarf around your neck and go to a thrift store.

Under the cold Moon and the warm Sun,

Be Well.

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